About the Unconventional Nick Temple

Nick Temple

Nick Temple is a renowned tech executive, start-up advisor, #1 international best-selling author on Amazon, and an avid practitioner of 5Rhythms moving meditation. Throughout his 30+ year career, he has helped thousands of people worldwide to transform their personal and professional lives.  In 2021, Nick released The Aligned Lifestyle - a framework for intentional life design that combines the best of business innovation with personal development and has helped clients to change their mindset, abandon limiting beliefs, and design a workstyle that supports their life, passion, and purpose.

Nick Temple's Publications

In 2019, Nick published the best-selling book 5 Checks of Working with a Marketing CTO, which intertwines his expertise in software development, business/personal growth, and 20+ years of experience working alongside Dr. Jeffery A. Martin in the well-being space. This book has helped countless business executives and entrepreneurs to unlock agile secrets, optimize their ideation strategies, prioritize tasks, and streamline processes to ensure that their tech projects succeed. Anything but an overnight success, Nick began writing software and prose at an early age and had his first professional articles published before enrolling at Western Kentucky University. Nick’s articles have since been featured on Perl.com, PC Techniques, and Visual Developer Magazine - among others.

As his ideas spread, Nick became a sought-after speaker on everything from cloud computing to expanding organizations using conscious business perspectives. He is known for delivering strategic, actionable, and empowering insights that help audiences to unlock their potential – from the bottom up – and scale their businesses. 

Contacting Nick Temple

For speaking engagements, coaching, software development or personal enquiries, feel free to drop Nick a line from the contact page. If you're looking for help with business strategy consulting or help executing/optimizing your marketing funnel, please contact Nick here.

“We work together to align both professional and personal actions in order to break through blocks and increase our capacity for growth in all areas of life.”

What People Are Saying about Nick Temple ....

Master Technologist

Nick Temple is a master technologist and a brilliant human being. If he's talking you should stop what you're doing and listen.

Helped me with my initial start-up

I met Nick in my early years when I started as an entrepreneur. With my excitement for business, I also felt that it was a little bit overwhelming. So many projects were open and almost nothing was finished. When I met Nick, I quickly learned that I actually need to stop for a minute and re-evaluate what is important and where I want to put my energy. Nick helped me with business consulting and helped me with my initial start-up of my company and I’m really thankful for all the advice he gave me. I would strongly recommend him to anyone who needs business advice to start doing business the right way.

Lucie Ebnerova
CEO, Luvidya Inc.

Navigates the waters between business, technology, and life

Nick is an amazing human. He navigates the waters between business, technology, and life quite well. I love our conversations where he helps me see the world in a different way.

Mitchell Levy

Personal, Business, and Technology

So everything starts with an idea, right? For me, it was more I had an idea of the idea. Nick was the fulcrum that helped me move the lever. Without him, I wouldn't have been able to articulate the idea in the first place. Then once I had that together I still had to figure out how to execute the damn thing. If it wasn't for Nick I would still be in development hell, or worse, would never have launched this business at all.

Nick is the best kind of adverb to have in your corner. He can go over the problem, around it, under, and even through. The best balance of Yin and Yang in a partner.