Adding the Facebook Pixel directly to a Jotform

Sometimes it is useful to send traffic directly to a JotForm, without having to embed the form in a page, first.

Here's one way to do it.

First, you'll need a blank page hosted someplace on your website that already has the pixel embedded and allows embedding.

It's easy to create if you don't have one, but beyond the scope of this tutorial. You'll also want the Facebook Pixel Helper for Chrome to ensure that your pixel is working.

Get the url for your blank pixel page, and save it someplace.

Then, go into Jotform. On your form, add a new Widget - the "iframe embed"

For the Frame URL, you'll want to put a link to your web-page that already has the pixel.

Then, under custom css - add the following code (to essentially hide the frame):

Under the "settings", you'll also want to set the height & width both to 1.T

That's it! Now preview the form, and your Facebook Pixel helper should show that pixel is firing!