Distraction Free Writing with the reMarkable plus Keyboard

Making the reMarkable rock even more.It’s been years since I’ve been able to fully get into my writing zone on a computer. Constantly connected, wired, with popups and notifications and little red underlined “you mispelled this” reminders, the creative juices have just not been able to flow. Not to mention the eyestrain of constantly looking at LCD’s all day … …

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Effective Execution Fuels Growth

I’ve recently come up with a new quote, that, on the surface looks a bit obvious – but in reality packs a punch.  Today I’d like to unpack it a little.   “The most effective and consistent way to fuel growth is to identify then execute on your best ideas” – Nick Temple Here’s a breakdown of what I mean. Ideas …

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My reMarkable Journey

A review of the reMarkable tablet A little over a year ago I was on the fence about buying the reMarkable “paper” tablet. This is a kindle-like device designed exclusively for hand writing and drawing. It’s also been a good device to read 8.5×11 PDF’s such as downloadable reports, though reading isn’t the primary function of the device. The pros, …

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