Domains for Sale

Domains For Sale – Life Simplification as a Secret to Happiness

In my studies of what truly makes people happy, one theme keeps popping up over again and again ... and that is that the more we do / have, the more decisions we make on a daily basis, the more options we have ... the less truly happy we can become.

Similarly, diving deep into what we know, what we feel is real - spending our time and energy deepening who we are and what we do, yields additional to flow. This is, in part, what I mean when I talk about creating an "aligned lifestyle".

To this end, I'm simplifying - starting with liquidating some of my online assets.

I'll be selling the majority of my Internet domains in an auction format in order to focus more deeply on the few creative endeavors that are truly important to me. 

To be notified when the auction starts, simply enter your email address here:

For some of the domains, it's more important to me that they are put into the right hands for potential build out.  If there is a specific domain you may be interested in, feel free to contact me using the form on the right. 

Here's a partial of list of the domains for sale:

Conscious Dance Tribe

The Conscious Dance Tribe is a concept to bring the movement meditation movements together, and specifically to map out all the available dances and workshops that would be going on at any specific time - both workshops and weekly offerings.  Expanding the idea, you could add the ability for people to couche surf from place to place, as the community is vibrant and kind.  One way to get the data would be to create a "niche" search engine, and seed it with various hubs and core teachers websites. 

If you decide to go this route, there is also an attached partially built out WordPress website with an Events calendar and a bit of outdated content.  You can have the site ... or not. I'd prefer to sell these domains to someone who will move forward with a project that will benefit the community, and will spend some time talking to you about the original idea.

Wild Masculine 

Wild! This is an amazing concept, with only the wild-feminine side completely built out by some of my close friends.  They are reserved for a few select people who may want to go forward with the project, after which I'll entertain offers based on the project ideas.

Safe Health Check

Here's the problem: when you met a new potential lover, you have to have that awkward STI conversation - when were you last tested, what for, etc, etc. What if, instead, you had a wallet sized card with an NFC chip that contained this information to share privately at play parties or other situations? Different PIN's unlock different blocks of health or other related information, signed by the testing authority.  The concept is a but 1/2 baked, but you get the idea ...  

Now with COVID, the possibilities could be expanded.

The prototype runs off of an NFC programmer for the android phone and a few NFC cards purchased through amazon.  In this case,  you receive only the domain to do with as you will ... while played with the underlying tech, there was never a site built out for the

= 30 more domains to go =