Intentional Living

While technology fuels business growth, intent fuels the best lives.  I am a strong believer in in intentional living, and am developing multiple courses and offerings around helping people – including myself – live the best life possible.  Some of these courses include The Aligned Lifestyle, The Evolved Entrepreneur, and Break-Out – you can find some of these works online, today.

My current project in Kentucky – Louisville and Lexington – is to bring together various teachers in Conscious dance to find a way to have weekly classes to join. This is, I admit, is self serving – I need the dance to be happy, and am hoping by co-ordinating various sessions that we can increase the frequency that community gets together. If you are a conscious dance teacher (5 Rhythms, Ecstatic Dance, Open Floor, etc) within 100 miles of Louisville, Ky – please contact me so we can look at how to help each other promote intentional movement.

Also, for teachers, I am working on an iPad app that helps you manage your drop-in registrations. I’m looking for a few initial customers to try the experience as it’s being being put together.  Conscious dance teachers (5 Rhythms, Ecstatic Dance, Open Floor, etc), please contact me for details.