Facebook Pixel for Thrive Themes Quiz Builder

This is a WordPress plugin that connects your Facebook Pixel to the Thrive Themes Quiz Builder.  This plugin allows marketers to track, inside of Facebook, what people are doing with their quiz. A simple plugin, but a must have if you are using the Thrive Quizbuilder to drive social shares.

Download here:

The plugin is free & open source, I do have paid support plans available you need help setting things up, additional customization or need me to work on your specific requirements.


Your plugin Facebook Pixel Events for Thrive Quiz looks awesome !

The plugin works !!!! Thank you very much. You brightened my day !!! 😀

Whenever I come across a problem with a unique solution, I find ways to re-use those solutions. While there are many solutions on my hard-drive, I’m only now starting to package them up so that other people can use them.