Hire A Marketing CTO

I am an independent marketing CTO.  This means I’m focussed on helping your company get your technology product out the door in the most effective way possible. From coming up with your first ideas, to market validation, architecture, development, testing and launch, I can guide your team through the full development process.

Already have a product out there and need some help? I help with that, too – especially if other developers have been a little sloppy in setting things up, I can help to bring  your systems back on track so you can continue to grow your business.

I’m so passionate about this work, I actually wrote the book on working with a marketing CTO. You can buy this #1 in its category best seller, directly from Amazon.

Part of this work is, indeed, software development.  Core technologies include Node.js, React, React Native, Devops (infrs as code), and WordPress / PHP – especially “complex” WordPress sites that require true engineers to get involved. If the project is not in my area of expertise, I have access to a large network of technical people who do high quality work – from basic WordPress design to branding & Facebook Marketing.  If you have a technology need, I can certainly help you fill it.