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Vision Video Course

Vision Videos are the new vision board - using images, movement & music, you can anchor your most compelling ideas into you psyche for near effortless execution - almost magic.  Learn to create your own personalized vision videos in this course.

Bonus Videos

For each chapter, we've created a chapter overview with videos where you can find out more about the contents of each chapter.  Use as a stand-alone resource or as supplementary material to the 5 Checks.

Idea Validation Checklist

Before committing to a new project, use this handy guide to make sure that you have all the bases covered.  Includes a reminder of the execute / test / iterate process.  A must have before starting any new project!

How to ... Reach Fundamental Wellbeing

The big Why? We all want to be happy, or at least "not unhappy". The truth is that mindset is the key to success - personal or business.

This short introduction to fundamental wellbeing will give you the basis of starting that journey on your own, as well as resources you can use to find that centered space in yourself.

BEing Seen and BEing Heard as a Thought Leader

"BEing Seen and BEing Heard as a Thought Leader" is an actionable business journal for those of us who want to ensure that our message is heard. A quick read with spots for note taking, it is a great way to kickstart your creative juices when thinking about what you'll be doing to get your message out. 

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I invite you to join the Idea Hacks community on Facebook and drop us line telling us about your own journey, and of course let me know if you have any questions.  Look forward to seeing you there! - Nick