Easily Extract ClickFunnels CSV “Additional Info” Survey Data 

 December 10, 2020

By  Nick Temple

ClickFunnels Survey Data

ClickFunnels stores your survey data and other arbitrary fields such as payment information in the "Additional Info" field of the CSV export. You can learn more about how to find the data from their support article, "Find Survey Responses."

Now that we've found the ClickFunnels data, how do we extract it? At first glance, it looks like JSON data - but of course, it's not. The format is a "dump" of a Ruby hashmap - which isn't very useful unless, of course, you're using the Ruby programming language to parse the data.

Because I do a lot of integration work with various marketing systems, including ClickFunnels, I've had to figure out how to get to the survey data in order to extract and process the data.

While each marketing software funnel is unique, the general concept is shown in the code below.

First, we load the ClickFunnels export into the program.  Then we loop through each record (row), and extract the "Additional Info" field.  As mentioned previously, ClickFunnels stores this as a dumped Hashmap - the only way to get to the data (outside of writing our own parser) is to use the eval() function to turn it back into an object.

Once that is completed, it's straightforward to manipulate the data directly (store it in a database or POST it to a CRM, for example), or simply munge it into a more useable format (JSON, for example).

Here's what a simple implementation could look like:

Data Sanitization

A few notes about the above code: the only "easy" way to extract the data is to do an eval() on the string. Eval() is a potentially dangerous operation, as it could be possible for someone to add something malicious to the data that would cause Bad Things(TM) to happen. 

Be sure to eyeball and sanitize your data before passing it through the function above.

I hope that this snippet is useful when you need to extract your ClickFunnels survey data. If you need help with building, scaling, or automating your marketing technology, tell me a little about your project and let's look at how we can work together.

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Nick Temple

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