Use Thrive Quiz Builder to Segment Your Audience with the Facebook Pixel 

 December 12, 2020

By  Nick Temple

Market Segmentation with the Facebook Pixel

Using Thrive Quiz Builder to segment your audience is a powerful marketing techniques. Facebook is keenly aware of the power of audience segmentation, which is why they have given you the power to create custom audiences with custom Facebook Pixel events. 

Segmentation allows you to customize your marketing message to people who behave in a specific way.

The example I like to use is a pet shop: it's much more powerful to advertise cat food to cat owners than generic pet food.

If you can hone in on precisely what your customer is looking for, and let them know about your matching product or service, then you have a win.

Using Thrive Quiz Builder for Segmentation

One entertaining way to do this is with quizzes. Up to this point, most survey platforms haven't hit the mark.

However, Thrive Quiz Builder for WordPress has done a great job in allowing you to create good looking, fun quizzes that support segmentation, email list building, and social shares.

Here's how the concept works: create a quiz that asks your prospect something about what they like. In the pet shop example, you could create a simple multiple-choice quiz that asks people if they have dogs, cats, or both.

For the people who answer cats, give them a cute "cat lover" badge they can use to share your quiz - everybody loves cat pictures. Then you market cat food and cat litter directly to the portion of your audience that has cats.

Putting the Facebook Pixel together with Thrive Quiz Builder

A few things need to happen to make that work: first, the Facebook Pixel needs to fire on every selection someone makes on the quiz. With an email marketing solution, this is called tagging and works well in Thrive Quiz Builder. Using Facebook for segmentation it's a bit more complicated and done with the Facebook Pixel.

Here's the three things that need to happen before you can segment your audience using the Facebook Pixel and Thrive Quiz Builder

  1. 1
    Install the Facebook Pixel on your site, either using a plugin or adding the javascript to your theme.
  2. 2
    Add the necessary Javascript code to fire the pixel on every question
  3. 3
    Setup your  Facebook Custom Audience.

This article talks about step 2, only - the custom plugin I wrote to fire the Facebook Pixel on every question presented by Thrive Quiz Builder.

While Thrive Quiz Builder accurately tags people for your mailing list, the quiz itself is a single page application (SPA). As you may be aware, SPA's don't "refresh" the page when someone clicks on an answer - which means the Facebook Pixel usually only fires once for the entire quiz.

While that allows the quiz to perform quickly and looks good, it means that the Facebook Pixel only fires once - when people access your quiz page. If you want the Thrive Quiz to fire every time the user selects a response (which we do), you'll need to do a bit of customizing.

The code we need to have ensures that the Facebook Pixel fires every time someone clicks on an answer.

Hooking Into AJAX Requests

The trick is that the Thrive Quiz Builder fires an Ajax event back to the site on every quiz answer. From the Facebook knowledge article on pixeling single-page applications, we know that the "trick" is to write a wrapper around the Ajax call to do additional processing (like firing the pixel) during the page load.

We needed to figure out exactly how the data was formatted, when to fire the call, and how to set everything up. That took some exploring. In the end, here's the code that makes it work:

That's it! Now go, create a fun quiz, and begin to let your audience tell you exactly what they want. If you'd like help with your funnel strategy and implementation, feel free to drop me a line.

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Nick Temple

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