Consistently Hit Your Goals Using 
Vision Videos to Anchor Success

While vision boards and similar techniques work well, the new gold standard of visioning is the Vision Video, and here's why. Vision boards remind your eyes of what you want, they are pretty much two dimensional - they give your eyes something to feast on, but by themselves they don't give you the "feeling" that you need to sustain rapid growth.

Vision Videos, on the other hand, provide a cornucopia of techniques all jammed into one 3-4 minute piece of art that you create in order to sustain you throughout the day and week - and even give you a jolt of "let's make this happen!" whenever you need it.

In this 15 minute mini-course, you'll find out all about Vision Videos - how they work and how to create your own. Scroll down for the course.  

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Creating Your Vision Video

In this video, Nick talks about Vision Videos - what they are, why to use them and what you need to build them. Download the PDF at the bottom of this page for even more advanced ways to use your Vision Videos!

Using Content Samurai to Build Your Vision Video

Content Samurai is the easiest tool I've found to create Vision Videos. You can create your own Vision Video that works well without ever leaving the tool - it includes a way to create slides, automatically find images and even has royalty free music. It is a paid tool that I use, however you can get a 7 day free trial below. While I do make a commission if you end up purchasing the software, I'm recommending it because it works well - and you can get a lot done in the seven days.

Travel Video

This is the vision video that we created in the tutorial above.

Download the PDF at the bottom of this page for even more advanced ways to use your Vision Videos!

Nick’s Personal Vision Video

This is the actual Vision Video I used over the summer of 2018, with a few minor tweaks. It's been sped up and the copyrighted music replaced.

Think Queen - "I want it all".

Thank you for taking the time to review the Vision Videos, and I hope that this technique will help you to move forward as it has for many of my clients and myself.

I invite you to join the Aligned Lifestyle community on Facebook and drop us line telling us about your own Vision Video journey, and of course let me know if you have any questions.

I'll see you there.


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