Are You Living an Unfulfilled Life?

You can have the life you want. Learn to create and  implement your vision of perfect happiness ... even if today you feel overwhelmed, tired or stressed.

Program Enrollment closes on June 26th 2019


Get Off the Hamster Wheel and
Become The Visionary of Your Own Life

In the last 12 months, I’ve taken a weeklong movement meditation in Europe, found love, improved my health, wrote and published a #1 bestselling book and have generally been the happiest of my life.

I’ve discovered that most people, myself included, actually do know what we want out of life. We also, for the most part, know how to get there. So why are so many people unfulfilled?

The problem isn’t one of clarity or knowing what we want - it’s holding on to that vision on a day-to-day basis. The stresses of life - taking out the trash, pleasing the boss, long commutes, not enough sleep, stress and overwhelm - they exhaust us to the point that when we do get time to do things for ourselves, we honestly don’t remember what we want.

The cycle continues, until we reach that clarity again. 

The beautiful vacation relaxing in the forest or on the beach. That amazing retreat or conference where we really dig into our values. We get excited, we make the resolution “I’m going to do it THIS time!”.

Then, a few days later - back into our old life - we forget our passion. And so we stay drained.

I’ve found a solution to this - simple, yet powerful. One that’s evidence based and works with our brains to constantly remind us that we are powerful, we are clear and we can have the fulfillment and happiness we deserve.

This one technique I created in the summer of 2018 was the genesis of both my accomplishments and my happiness over the last few months.

And I am now … (drum rolls, please!)


Create Your Vision Video

Live Pilot Program

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Be The Visionary of Your Own Life. The Create Your Vision Video program is an online course that combines live group teaching, video and individual coaching to help you get crystal clear on your personal life vision.  We capture that into a Vision Video that you can watch every day to get ... and stay ... clear and motivated to create the life that you want.  

You come away knowing what you want, being clear on what you need to get there, and with the skills you need to create your own Vision Videos.

Enroll Today - get a 60% discount !

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Create Your Vision Video is an online video program that includes a self study component along with 3 live sessions designed to help you clarify what you want out of life and then build vision videos to remind you of what's truly important.  Watched daily, these powerful videos tap into your subconscious and help you get the things that are truly important to you.

As soon as you sign up, you'll receive a welcome email and instant access to the self study program so you can start creating your videos immediately, get access to your coach and get full details of the program.  Then we'll hold the live calls over the next few weeks (see below for the call dates).

By the end of the program you will have created your own unique powerful Vision Video, and be well on the way to manifesting your truly best life.

Build Your Vision

Live or pre-recorded - you choose. Each training is recorded so you can watch at your convenience and take small, actionable steps toward building your vision. Or, if you prefer our one-on-one coaches will work directly with you to make sure you successfully complete the program.

Feel Better Each Day

Your Vision Video is there to support you in your path to living your most fulfilling life.  By watching it each day, you feel better, more energized and happier with life - while making postive progress toward the improvements you want to make.

Support Your Dreams

Live training, group support and one-on-one access to your coach virtually guarantees that you will get the support you need to find, create and manifest the one video that will help make your dreams come true.

Lifetime Learning

The path to mastery in any field is through intentional repetition. Which is why for as long as the program is in existence, you get access to all the program materials at no additional charge.

Here’s what people are saying about Vision Videos ...

Lucie Ebnerova

Relationship Coach

Built My Business

I had an idea for a business, but wasn't sure where to go. The vision video system helped me cover every detail of what I envisioned my business would be. I highly recommend working with Nick because without his help and guidance my business would have never bloomed to become what it is today.

Malissa Sullivan

Life Coach

What's Next in My Life?

 Last year I was at a time in life where I'd accomplished many of the things I'd set out to do and was at a point of evaluating what I wanted to do next.  Through working with Nick, I created a Vision Video to help me discover, decide, and define what I want to pursue next in life.  My video started with things that I already know I love and want to do, and during the process of creating that part of the video, I began to have new ideas & dreams.  How exciting!  My vision for life changed into something more, and I realized I could do some of the things I'd imagined much sooner than I would've thought possible.  Since making my video, I've done several of the things that are important to me, and I'm moving forward on other dreams & goals.  I've gained & done so much from the first video that it's time to create a new one.  Life Is Good!

Your Program Includes


Vision Video Mini Course (instant self study)

Instantly upon enrollment, you get this mini-course that describes how Vision Videos help you create the space, intention and energy to get exactly what you want out of life. You get the 3 step process for creating your video (1:17), tips for creating powerful affirmations (2:25) and the critical but often overlooked "anchoring process" (3:40) that makes vision videos powerful tools to create emotional well-being.  


Live Call 1: Finding Your Vision (June 27th, 2019)

In our first live session, we'll be going over how to find your vision. The reality is that you do know what you want out of life, though it could be buried in the stress of the day-to-day.  We'll learn how to "clear the clutter" so that your creativity comes to the forefront and your vision begins to form. We'll also make sure everyone who wants one-on-one coaching gets the help they need.


Live Call 2: Creating Your Vision Video (July 11th, 2019)

Now that you know what you want, we'll work on gathering all the materials for creating your vision video.  Finding the right images that match your style.  Getting the music that works for you - upbeat 80's rock, or softer, rhythmic chanting? You decide what works for you. We'll look at writing powerful affirmations for your videos. We'll discuss three different ways of putting it together - one of which is sure to work for you.


Live Call 3: Motivation and Anchoring (July 18th, 2019)

In our final session, we'll work on "anchoring" our emotions to our video, so that watching the video will get us into the optimum state of mind for our daily work. You'll get tips on using the videos to stay motivated, and when you should update your video or even create new ones for special projects.  We'll answer any final questions, and finally watch watch completed videos from those who want to share.


Bonus: Building Videos with Free Tools

This bonus training shows you how you can use your PC or Mac and Internet connection to create powerful videos without spending a dime.  For the technical minded this module is gold by itself. You can use your new found skills to create all kinds of screen-capture videos.

With the Create Your Vision Video Program
You Receive

(Video) Instant Access to the Vision Videos Mini Course - Start building your vision today, using this complete pre-recorded video mini-course & workbook.

(Live) 3 Live Group Trainings & Q&A - We’ll hop on Zoom for live training during the next few weeks? These trainings will be recorded and you’ll get full access for the lifetime of the program.

(Live) Direct One-on-One Support - A Laser Focus coaching call plus direct email & messenger access to your coach will help you get clear on your own vision and ensure you get the most from the training.

Unlimited Program Access - You’ll access to this and all future pre-recorded versions of this program for the lifetime of the program. 

(FB) Access to private group - our Facebook group connects you with others that are also visioning out their lives. Share stories, tips and get support in living your own vision.

Up to three Personalized Vision Videos, created for you - Are you creative but not technical? Let our team curate the content you choose content into an amazing video you can use. Have us create one video with up to 2 revisions, or three entirely different videos.


And You Also Get ....

Live video training is only the beginning! You also get 1 on 1 coaching, access to like minded individuals in our facebook group, complete technical training on how to make the videos step by step instructions on building out your own systems.  In addition, we'll ensure your successful with these additional bonuses (access provided on the live calls and available in your program area)

Bonus 1
Free Images and Music

In this special report, I show you where online you can get images to use in your videos - whether you intend to us them for personal use or need high quality royalty free music and images to use commercially.

Don't get frustrated when looking for the assets you need to create your videos, this comprehensive resource show you exactly where to go to get the assets you need.

Bonus 2
Technical Training

Looking to learn to create Vision Videos using free tools? This short video series gives you everything you need to know in order to build out vision videos and other slide-based movies on your Internet capable Mac or PC.

We'll cover creating slideshows for video, screen recording software, mixing in audio and more. 

Not "technical"? No problem. This module is completely optional.

Bonus 3
Advanced Visioning Techniques and step-by-step Workbook

When putting together the concept for Vision Videos, I quickly found that other gurus have been using similar techniques with audio only. 

So I created this special, advanced report that shows you what you need to do to translate techniques by Tony Robbins, Gabrielle Roth and Jesse Elder into vision videos you can use to see as well as hear. Perfect for visual people!

About The Course Teacher,
Nick Temple

Nick Temple is an international bestselling author, serial entrepreneur and badass technologist. He started writing software and prose before high school and published both before college. Nick now works with evolved entrepreneurs to help them grow their business & lifestyle. 

Years in the making, Nick is excited to bring this course to you and give back some of the knowledge he's gained over the years.

Here’s what people are saying about Nick  ...

Mitchell Levy

"The Aha Guy" & CEO

Navigates the waters between business, technology and life

Nick is an amazing human. He navigates the waters between business, technology, and life quite well. I love our conversations where he helps me see the world in a different way.

Jerilynne Knight

Founder, Tame The Beasties

Makes Technology work

Nick  has an amazing understanding of how to "make" technology work to the benefit of the business, helping the staff do what only humans can do.

Mark Joyner

"Father of Online Marketing"
- CEO of Simpleology

Master Technologist

Nick Temple is a master technologist and a brilliant human being. If he's talking you should stop what you're doing and listen.

Once Only Pilot Opportunity

During this pilot you receive unprecedented support - one-on-one coaching, unlimited email support with your coach, three live calls with Q&A, and done-for-you videos so you can learn at your own pace. 

Enroll today to receive both live and pre-recorded content, as well as ground floor access to everything available at this reduced pilot-only price. You have my commitment that you will succeed in building out your vision.   

Create Your Vision VIDEO 

​Be the Visionary of Your Life
Normally $497.
 Enroll Today and Save over 60% 



  • Three Live Training Session
  • 1 on 1 Individual Coaching
  • Instant access to self-study material
  • Group support
  • Three personalized videos done-for-you
  • Technical Training, Workbooks and Advanced Techniques
  • Unlimited access to the program materials

Program Enrollment closes on June  26th 2019


One Year Double Your Money Guarantee

I GUARANTEE THAT if you follow the steps in the course and implement the advice of your coach, then you will successfully create your own empowering vision video.

If after following the steps in the course & advice from your coach, you don't absolutely love your motivational vision video, we will work with you to create with a personalized "Vision Correction Plan" that will lay out the exact steps you need to follow to achieve a successful vision for your specific situation. After implementing your Vision Correction Plan you will be able to successfully create your own vision videos, OR you will get DOUBLE Your Money Back.

Don’t wait! Look at what past clients have to say about working with Nick

Fred Ghahramani

Software Engineer, Microsoft

Outstanding Motivator

Nick is an outstanding manager and motivator with great vision[..]. He strives to seek the best from people. Nick is results oriented and an excellent problem solver.

Alan White

Founder, Level Up Lightsaber

Launched this Business

Nick was the fulcrum that helped me move the lever. Without him, I wouldn't have been able to articulate the idea in the first place. Then once I had that together I still had to figure out how to execute the damn thing. If it wasn't for Nick I would still be in development hell, or worse, would never have launched this business at all.

Kris Bailey

CIO at My Financing USA

I'd work with Nick any day

[...] Whether at a startup where things are just being figured out, or at an established enterprise doing system refactoring, I would work with Nick any day.

Frequently Asked Questions

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A Personal Note from Nick

Here is the Vision Video that I made in the summer of 2018. Since then, I took a weeklong movement meditation in Europe, found love, improved my health, wrote and published a #1 bestselling book, and started a new business.  You can see the seeds of each of those accomplishments in the video I made that summer. 

Note that for copyright reasons, the music has been  changed - the original song is "I want it all" by Queen.

I sincerely hope that you will join me on this journey as we make the best life possible.

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