today I died 

 April 15, 2019

By  Nick Temple

Today, I died.

It was not a literal death, though my breath stopped.

It was a figurative, ritualistic death.

As I looked into the eyes of Death, I saw myself.  The pain I have caused others, the joy I have brought.  The work I did, and yes … the work I have yet to do.

I saw my forefathers. The strong, wounded Men who came before me. Forgotten as their memories were systematically erased after death.  I saw Men shaped by War, the pain of the fathers before them.

I saw my foremothers, wounded Women who gave – enduring, resilient … and so I would have a chance at life.

I saw pain, and hope and healing.

I saw a society that has evolved for the purpose of supporting more and more people, though not in happiness or fulfillment – but one with the potential to change, to respect and hold each individual to their greatest potential.

I saw my God.

As he came for me, I embraced death. Knowing that I as I have lived … I would die.

But not, in reality, today.

And as I opened my eyes, allowing breath, I glimpsed the future. Many paths I could choose to take – some leading to fulfillment and joy, others to stagnation and misery … but all, ultimately to nothingness.

And I saw the End.

The end of our species, the end of this earth, the end of the Universe itself.

The end of myself.

At that moment, I realized that none of it really matters.

And, yet, it all matters.

Each day, each breath, with intention and leading a life full of miracles.

Each kind word or harsh gesture we make, each frustration. Each patient acceptance.

It matters.

And most of all, I saw that I can choose.

I can choose a path of hardness or one of ease. One of fulfilment or one of constant struggle.

I . Can . Choose .

And so I do.

I choose to to be a little more fulfilled each day.

I choose to do the deep work – work that is sometimes painful and sometimes ecstatic, yet always in a place previously unseen.

I choose to share what I’ve learned, my mistakes and experiences, the life I live so that maybe … just maybe … others will choose to live a life of alignment, with intention as well.

To make each day just a little bit better than yesterday.

Because it matters.

And maybe, the next time Death comes for me I will be ready.

But not today.

For today, I live.

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Nick Temple

Nick Temple is an international bestselling author, serial entrepreneur and badass technologist. He started writing software and prose before high school and published both before college. Nick now works with evolved entrepreneurs to help them grow their business & lifestyle through capturing, identifying and executing on their best ideas.

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